Cultural Entrepreneurship - Social Innovation, Enorm Magazine and Motz Berlin

This is a little idea how to move from social entrepreneurship towards cultural entrepreneurship and innovation. The research question was how the social business congress can be better embedded in Berlin and can make a direct and sustainable impact in the city. One possible solution might be to create a collaboration between the Enorm, a leading magazine about economy for people, and motz, Berlin's street magazine made and sold by homeless and other socially excluded people - a special edition about social innovation and entrepreneurship co-created and researched by the congress participants. The focus should be relevant to the context (e.g. homelessness and social exclusion), but also go beyond and show what the social innovation hype is all about, and also created with a participatory process and feedback with people from the Motz (e.g. through a practical exercise of the Design Thinking process). With this, the involved people would move beyond the common group boundaries, listen and take perspective, improve the image, create an exchange to new approaches, and therewith, hopefully, leave a lasting impact for all the people involved.

We had this idea during doing some research at the School of Design Thinking for the Vision Summit 2010. The idea was not put in practice (and didn't even reach the magazines to my knowledge), yet, but maybe in future. With this we would have, in my opinion, an eventual and important next step from social entrepreneurship towards a cultural entrepreneurship and innovation.

What do you think? How could the impact of the Vision Summit be enhanced? What are your definitions of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship? Cultural Entrepreneurship? I am happy to hear and learn, please feel free to share your ideas and experiences with us!

Background: Enorm is a German magazine with the focus on social innovation, business and entrepreneurship ( The motz is a Berlin's street magazin - from and for homeless and other socially excluded people ( The Vision Summit is a yearly conference related to social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and social impact business in Berlin, Germany ( The HPI School of Design Thinking offers an advanced revolutionary training to 'uncover unexpected innovations by combining different points of views' (

Project Team (and full presentation; German):
Graphical realization: Alexander Gellner,


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