WHAT I DID: Animation direction

Produce an animation to explain a new product of Itaú. A loan for home refurbish with a credit card to manage the expenses.

The challenge for animation and Art was to keep the spectator attention for 4 minutes with a lot of institutional information to give.

We gave emphasis to the acting and tried to bring the characters to life. Since we had limited poses because of the puppet animation we used different shots of the same situations to give some rithym.

Client: Itaú
Agency: DM9DDB
Production : Colmeia (colmeia.tv)
Director: Danilo Silveira
Director(Live action): Ricardo Murdoch
Head of Art: Thiago Elias‬
Character design and Art: Bruno Dias
Art direction: Danilo Silveira
Animation: Gabriel Cuevas, Rafael Morinaga
Screenplay: Ana Mangeon
Sound design: Voicez

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