Scarlet Woman. (Faye Mullen, 2012)
The Scarlet Woman flirts with the notion of the abject, by ingesting that which has been rejected: in the ritual act of ingesting one's own menstrual blood, fears of pain and penetration are evoked in concert with agency in the female body. From internal to external, to internal again, we follow the bodily waste as it cycles through the Scarlet Woman's body.

A performance for a a two-channel video installation.
Dilapidated two-room shed, glass, slip, artist’s menstruating body.
Dimensions of the installation vary according to space. Each projection measures 3.5' in length.
Installed so that the two channels meet in a corner of the gallery.
HD, Colour, Silent. 03:05. 2012.
For documentation of installation please visit :

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