Want to shoot the tiny stuff in life? All the bugs, all the details in flowers, all the details in the small objects? Then this episode is for you.
I am joined by Dave Wilson, Will Burrard-Lucas and Teymur Madjderey for a discussion in Macro Photography.
We talk about some gear such as dedicated macro lenses (including the difference between macro lenses and zoom lenses with a macro stamped on it), extension tubes and close-up filters, without forgetting the good old trick of reversing lenses. We approach lighting in macro photography and we give a few tips to improve focus, exposure and background. Will also shared the setup for his amazing photos of mosquitoes.
Regarding post processing, we mentioned focus stacking and stitching.
On the news, we talk about the 5D MkIII, the almost end for Kodak’s slide film, the announced 41MP on Nokia’s new smartphone, and the latest news from BeetleCam.

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