The politicized means of production are disassembled and laid out with unrevolutionary intention. This new document is a visuality that cannot be read with any language. Language is a closed system that doesn’t allow for the revelation of any authenticity or sensual movement. It follows that a different concept of the visual is required for an interaction to take place.
This violence does not silently call for a nihilistic interaction with the world. It demands that the viewer’s gaze lives it. This violence is not the performative ‘spectacle’, it denies without speaking language that attributes it with theatrical arousal. This arousal insinuates that violence is a diversion.
One may bring his/her own ethical principles to bear when commenting on the violence of the new documentary, One may be judge it as propaganda; it may be argued that it is cheap, voyeuristic and in touch with the basest of human emotion. The point to be taken up is that it is in touch with human emotion.
This new document does not offer the viewer the guilt free violence of Hollywood. It forces the ‘is’ on the viewer’s gaze, it questions the right to witness, or the validity and existence of ‘silence’. The increase in the range of media we have to produce and consume information has led to the introduction of a new type of global journalism into culture. Time and space no longer appear as limitations as the age of quantum realizations brings about paradigm shifts. New media technologies emerge with speed offering new ways of being in technology.
Day by day increasing numbers of satellites are sent into orbit and more and more wires and cables are hidden underground, imposing their visceral presence as they interconnect and entwine with those on the surface.

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