Documentation of the Sound-Performance (2011) by Patrick Topitschnig

(recorded at the Klangmanifeste 2011, echoraum, Vienna)

Performer: Simone Kühle

Idea/Concept/Realisation: Patrick Topitschnig
Camera: Klemens Wihlidal
Editing: Patrick Topitschnig

„Schwinger“ is based on the maori ball dance ritual, which is practised as leisure sport in Western countries today. The basic figures of the Poi play are used in order to make a sound-reception beyond the static speaker setup situation possible. Swinging loudspeakers make the conversion of the round flowing movements possible and translate the asymmetry of the play into an auditory dimension.

Two loudspeakers which are connected with an amplifier swing, instead of the two conventional Poi balls. Trough some fundamental Poi motions, different single sounds and/or sound landscapes are sent into space.

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