This is from the March 13, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut!

00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks

00:00:18 User getting error with MTC and Gazelle cutter – will work with specific user offine. Haven’t heard of others having similar problems. (See also later discussion @ 01:00:25)

00:06:20 Review of Webinar rules & what should be posted in weekly webinar ? thread

00:07:20 Zipper Card – Bryan demonstrates how to create a “zipper” for a card (General Discussion)

00:10:38 Actual Demo of how to create the “zipper” begins

00:47:15 Uploading a project (MTC or SVG file) to the MTC Gallery for sharing

00:49:40 Zing calibration for Print and cuts – user having problems when using layers and having multiple objects on a page

00:52:50 Bryan discusses using registration marks with 3 point alignment (laser) – err on the “inside” of the regisration mark to avoid cutting too far out

01:00:25 Gazelle with MTC – (Back to discussion from start of webinar – further thoughts/discussion of things to check)

01:02:40 SVG viewer with IE (Note: IE 9.0 makes its self the default viewer for SVG files – if this happens you need to reset the default back to a program like Inkscape to view SVG files (set “file association” for file types on your computer)

01:05:10 Rhinestone Designs – Is their a way to change the size of the stones used in a pattern? No but Bryan demos some “workarounds” using the shadow function that might work

01:12:20 Rhinestones – discussion on how to change the relative spacing between the stones

01:15:28 Rhinestones – 3rd way to try to make changes (doesn’t always work)

01:18:28 How to find out your own Gallery ID# once you have shared an image in the gallery (MTC or SVG files)

01:21:00 Bryan shows “teaser” on cutting art and placing inside a toilet paper roll

01:31:50 How to use search function on your computer to find a “lost computer file”

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