sometimes it just feels like things are meant to happen.

for WPPI this year we did a film following the stories of four different people. one of them, our new attendee, was Jen. her best friend is Ashley, who was dating Jeremy at the time.

so it is the middle of the night at Wolfgang Puck and the lot of us are sitting down and chatting. Jeremy turns to me and asks if we can chat about something. he says he really loves Ashely, he's been wanting to ask her to marry him for a while, but every time he saves up enough to propose they decide to invest it back into their businesses (she does photo, he does cinema). while it is great for the future, it has made it very tough for them to have the wedding the want.

in talking to Jeremy, we then start talking about what a wedding is really about, and discussing the commitment versus the spectacle it can become. he then turns to me and says 'i'de love to propose to Ashley right now, if i do it and we get married here in Vegas, will you film it?'. after hearing their story, of course our answer was yes (though to be honest, at that time of night and in Vegas, we didn't think he was all that serious). minutes later Ashley joins us at the table and Jeremy gets down on one knee and actually proposes - right there, in front of everybody and half a dozen iPhones.

fast forward two days later and we hav Jer and Ash in a pop-up chapel, just enjoying their time together and making such a special commitment to each other. this is definitely one of those things that we look back on and don't really believe how it all came together. the ring Jeremy used to propose came from Amanda. he didn't have anything else on him and she was quick to volunteer to help out.

if they were to have their wedding in Vegas, it was so special to them to have their story told how they had always wanted it done. part of that was asking us to make their film, and the other part was asking Justin and Mary to take their photos. so the next morning at Justin and Mary's sunrise shoot we told them the whole story and asked if they would be interested in being a part of this. they were just as excited as we were to share in all of this and it all made for a pretty crazy story.

and with that, Ashely and Jeremy's pop-up film. shot on the iphone, Scarlet, and DSLR. a story that needed to be told. music by Norman and Amy Seeley, licensed through

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