ABUELA KNOWS was inspired by the Focus Group finding that mothers are often reluctant to allow their daughters to get the HPV vaccination because they fear they will be criticized by their own mothers—the family’s abuela (grandmother)—oftentimes the central authority in Latino households. In response to this mindset, students created a character named Abuela, the all-knowing, kind and never-questioned family matriarch. Just as she gives sage advice on everything from fixing a car to mending a broken heart, Abuela is featured in a series of videos, posters and brochures, urging her daughters to allow her granddaughters to receive the HPV vaccine.

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Director/Editor: Jorge Garduño
Writers/Producers: Jorge Garduño, Jeffrey Benavides, and Nate Edgar
Cinematographer: Mike Mitchell
Graphic Designer: Alejandro Hernandez




Advertising, Film, Graphic Design, Illustration, Product Design


Allison Goodman (Graphic Design), Elena Salij (Advertising)


Jeffrey Benavides
Angy Che
Mitos Corpuz
Nate Eggert
Jon Farrell
Jorge Garduño
Chi Hey Lee
Melissa Ploysophon
Jupone Wang

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