Life is a journey - a journey we all make in our different, personal and highly individual ways. We are all going places and the roads we take and make to get there vary to great, expansive and amazing widths - it's about going places whilst enjoying the journey and the travel to get there that matters, what makes the story and creates the moments we call life.

For Spring 2012 WeSC and smart embarks on a collaboration that is just that - a creative journey. Introducing headphones for the smart as well as a smart BRABUS tailormade by WeSC that incorporates the
best of the two worlds, we welcome you to the Superlative Journey!

WeSC and smart have joined forces to give you the Superlative Journey - a marriage between one of the worlds most creative companies and the Superlative
Conspiracy with all the creativity, madness, individuality and more that WeSC entails! It's a fusion that makes the journey and experience of traveling and transportation, as well as the journey outside of a vehicle, interesting, creative and fun again.

WeSC & smart.
The Superlative Journey.

The The Superlative Journey features WeActivists Stash, Amy Gunther, Shelly Zander, Kim Matulova, Stretch Armstrong, Darrell MAthes and friends!

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