by JR Cronheim

This film was made as a New York Film Academy 1st semester short film requirement to hone the skills learned in the previous few months of class. This included concept and preproduction writing, research, casting, lighting, shooting, and editing. The films were to include elements of cinema verite', archival/multimedia, voiceover, and music.

I am currently writing a feature film about skateboarding's immense global cultural significance as an artistic movement (perhaps one of the greatest of the 21st century) and it's relationship with society at large from its self creation, evolution thru to the present, and it's future is to be.

The next film project currently in pre-production is an extended 25 minute version of this short incorporating more elements from the feature script utilizing an additional cast of characters and a great deal more of fresh, vertite' skateboarding footage. The projected date for this film's completion is August 2012.

Although being produced through NYFA, I have also recruited Alex Corporan in the role of associate producer as well as skater and long time friend Brian Appio ( for photo/video documentation of the 'behind the scenes' production.

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