In "Any World I'm Welcome To," Burnt Sugar subverts and lays claim to the Steely Dan songbook, with curation by guitar hero and conceptualist Vernon Reid. The show was recorded on March 1st, 2012 at The David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center.

Special Guest Interlocutor: Carl Hancock Rux
Featured Guest Siren: Vinia Mojica
Creative Direction/MD: Vernon Reid
Creative MisDirectionL: Greg Tate
Executive Producer: Jared Michael Nickerson

Vocals: Mikel Banks, Lisala, Micah Gaugh,Karma Mayet Johnson,Bruce Mack, Shelley Nicole, Vinia Mojica, Carl Hancock-Rux, Mazz Swift
Guitars: Andre Lassalle, Ben Tyree, Vernon Reid
Keys: Leon Gruenbaum, Bruce Mack
Bass: Jared Michael Nickerson
Drums La Frae Sci
Horns: V. Jeffrey Smith (Arranger), Lewis 'Flip' Barnes, Micah Gaugh, 'Moist' Paula Henderson, David 'Smoota' Smith
Violin: Mazz Swift

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