A Lamp Transmission Ceremony took place at Deer Park Monastery on Saturday, March 17, 2012. In this historic transmission, the fourfold sangha gathered around 8 lay practitioners and 6 monastic as each received the lamp of wisdom. This video includes Br. Thich Chân Pháp Nhã, Kenley Neufeld, Joann Rosen, and Sr. Thich Nu Chân Đồng Đoan.

The following are the Lamp Transmission Gathas given by Thich Nhat Hanh to the new Dharma Teachers:

Chân Pháp Nhã
Pháp âm tao nhã không cùng
Hải triều vang dậy muôn trùng nước non
Nhớ lời thệ hải minh sơn
Gươm thần trí tuệ còn vung sáng ngời

The eloquent Dharma melody is unsurpassed
The sound of the rising tide echoes across multitudes of mountains and rivers
With keen awareness of profound vows made
The majestic sword of wisdom continues to shine brightly as it is wielded.

Chân Niệm Hỷ (NEUFELD, Kenley)
Niệm định chuyên trì hỷ lạc sinh
Bao nhiêu phiền não bấy an lành
Đóa sen mấu nhiệm tinh khôi ấy
Tự chốn bùn lầy đã nẩy sinh.

Mindfulness and concentration, diligently maintained, give birth to joy and happiness
However many afflictions there may be, all there is now is true peace
That wondrously pure lotus blossom
Is born from the mud.

Chân Tuệ Hà (ROSEN, Joann)
Điểm tô tuệ nghiệp đẹp sơn hà
Một sáng oanh về trên liễu ca
Thấy được vườn xuân hoa chúm chím
Nhận ra tịnh độ giữa ta bà

Beautify the mountains and rivers with successes in your career of cultivating wisdom
One morning the oriole returns to the willow and sings
Visible are the budding flowers in the spring time garden
The Pure Land is realized amidst the Saha world

Chân Đồng Đoan
Hướng theo chân nghĩa đại đồng
Đoan trang gót ngọc, sen hồng nở hoa
Tăng thân muôn dặm một nhà
Nắm tay hợp xướng khúc ca chân thường

Following the true meaning of great togetherness
With graciously refined steps, red lotuses bloom
The sangha, distant by thousands of miles, is still one family
Taking a hand, join in chorus the melody of true eternity

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