'The Rotten Fruit Tardis' is a software environment created by artist James Paterson. It is the latest incarnation of his online space, Presstube.com (founded in 1999). TRFT is being developed and changed on an ongoing basis; significant updates will be recorded in the form of video screen captures and posted here.

Experience The Rotten Fruit Tardis live:

The Rotten Fruit Tardis premiered as part of "Harvest", Paterson's 2009 bitforms solo exhibition. For more about harvest visit bitforms.com/current.html#id=128&num=1


Programming & Animation:
James Paterson
( presstube.com, insertsilence.com, bitforms.com )

Music & Sound:
Mark Hardy & Chris Grabowski of K-rAd
( padk-rad.com )

Huge thanks for the help and support of:

Jen Ham ( jenham.com )
Amit Pitaru ( pitaru.com , insertsilence.com )
Colin Moock ( moock.org )
Branden Hall ( automatastudios.com )
Jeremy Felker ( presstube.com/jeremy )
James Braithwaite ( thebathwater.com )

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