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"A digital diary story in the Basilicata region, Italy (no.1)"

"Young dutch visual storyteller follows dream and undertakes a voyage of discovery to the unknown south of Italy. He ends up in a most curious place. It's one of worlds most ancient settlements, continuously inhabited, in the world called Matera. A behyve of alleys and streets, houses half cavated from rock formations. The first night he spends in a design hotel in a deep cave! From his new home he skims the region of Basilicata in search for stories to tell. He'd find an important reason to stay in these lands, yes of course: LOVE. Driven by fiery love and passion he seeks to become a local. But that's not too easy. Their standards are high: you have to have courage, speak the local language, eat and pray in order to love and be loved."

Text in video:
We All Live in Cages
With the Door right Open
I Felt it was Time to Walk Out
To live my Passion
Taste, Play Connect!
But this time is Different
I'd find a Reason to Let me Stay
How to become One ...
With these Lands

Names of places are written at the places where the footage is shot.

Story is divided in 3 parts
part 1: Caspar travels to Basilicata
part 2: Caspar tastes everything of Basilicata
part 3: Caspar falls in love and Stays

Basilicata region, Italy: be ready for an off beat place. Enjoy amazing tasty fruits, veggies local dishes, be amazed by the ultimate friendliness of the people. Discover true Italy in the best way. This is not for tourists but for travelers who like to have an authenticexperience. Truly, these lands stole my heart.

Site Basilicata tourism board:
Site team 7 artists:
Caspar's site:

Filmed, directed and edited by :
Caspar Diederik | StoryTravelers

for the Basilicata Region Italy

Produced with team Digital Diary of :
Mikaela Bandini
Matthew Brown
Mark Hofmeyer
Haleigh Walsworth
Christopher Tierney
Erica Brown
Luca Acito

song 1: You Can't Go HOme Again by DJ Shadow
song 2: Divenire Ludivico Einaudi

Filmed with:
Canon Legria HF21
edited in:
Final Cut PRO 7 Photoshop CS5

Dedicated to the love of my life: Marianna Casarola
Special thanks to all the wonderful people of Basilicata

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