Remember that all visual evidence in this video is drawn from, verifiable in, and supported by the official science
data. Official science data image numbers are provided before each image to encourage verification. No evidence alterations have been made except to enhance clarity. If in doubt, pursue the verification process via the image numbers provided. If you want to see some really outstanding work on Mars anomalies, water, biolife, civilization and OFFICIAL IMAGE TAMPERING evidence please visit

Says Joseph P. Skipper, investigator and founder of

"Our mission is to raise public awareness of this
information that is so far not being shared with you by your official sources. If we can at least get you to thinking some about this, we will consider our work a basic success. If we can actually get some of you to eventually think independently for yourself and outside the box that has so carefully and skillfully been crafted for you in the attempt to herd you into ignorance, then we will consider our work a clear success. If we can actually get you galvanized enough to become involved as we have and start demanding full and thorough
independent examination of this evidence and what is really on Mars and elsewhere via the media, the scientific and academic communities, and your government, well then we might just actually have to jump up and down and around for awhile making loud noises!If you can get there, you'll find a whole new destiny awaiting you. We all need to wake up to this reality as well as the
realization that reality itself proceeds in doing its thing whether we are able or willing to perceive it or not. Ignorance is just never a good thing to clutch onto".

Images Credit: NASA/JPL/ESA

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