In April 2011, Lifewater and its Ethiopian partner organization helped Gennet’s community protect their water source. They capped the source of the stream and channeled it with safe piping and a storage tank, where it can be collected free of germs. Along with safe water, Lifewater and its partner shared about God’s love as they worked on the water system and taught Gennet and community members how to wash their hands, transport the water safely, and make basic repairs to the water system.
With clean water and the knowledge of God’s love, Gennet now has the health and strength to study hard and enjoy her passions. She dreams of becoming a doctor, engineer, or teacher and is making the most of her sixth grade year. Her days are filled with going to school, playing soccer and volleyball, gathering firewood for her family during her lunch break, and collecting clean water in the evenings after school.

Each story of transformation represents God’s answer to his children’s need for water. We pray that God will continue to use Lifewater to respond to this urgent need; in Ethiopia alone, 74% of the rural population needs clean water.

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