Questions and answers. Answers by Mike Amsden except where noted.
Q: 1:39 Will other bridges get a treatment similar to Kinzie Street?
A: In the future in bridge rehab projects, bridges will have bike-friendly treatments.

Q: 2:51 Speed humps. Place a cut in the middle of speed humps for easier biking.
A: CDOT will test its new speed hump design (based on Dutch design) in 5 locations.

Q: 3:50 What is and isn't funded in the plan to install bike lanes?
A: 20 miles to be installed in spring 2012 will be paid for with local funds. Later in 2012, and through to 2015, CDOT has funding (80% from the federal government; still must find 20% locally).

Q: 4:23 Which streets will get bike lanes?
A: The 20 miles for spring 2012 have been announced. The Streets For Cycling 2020 Plan will select future locations.

Q: 4:44 What's being done to modify planning and procurement processes to assure that 3,5,10 years from now when new roads are built or developers install privately funded public facility, these bike facilities are automatically incorporated?
A: Randy: The city has a Complete Streets policy that tries to build in consideration for all transportation modes into all phases of roads, from deciding what to build, planning, maintenance, and construction.
A: Mike: Any time there's reconstruction, we're [Bicycle Program] in that conversation. We want to make sure that we don't make anything worse.

Q: 7:18 Of the many miles of roads in the city, what percentage is practical and eligible for protected bike lanes?
A: There are many ways to answer that question. Right now we're doing it in places based on width, traffic [volume]. There's a lot, but not all of them make sense. Some of the future projects will be a battle. There will be changes made that a lot of people won't like. The support from constituents is so important.

Q: 8:08 Is the biggest challenge finding 100 miles? Or narrowing it down to 100 miles?
A: Mike: Probably narrowing it down. We could do 100 miles right now.
A: Randy: The ultimate dream is that every street in Chicago is bicycle friendly [there's a much longer answer than this at 8:29].

Q: 10:08 Speed limiting [long question]
A: Randy: Speed by design [starts at 12:50]
A: Mike: We've designed our roads for automobiles. Talks about automobile speed analysis on King Drive.

Q: 14:56 How can one get more involved in supporting these projects?
A: John: Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign

Q: 16:07 How many other groups like Eve Jennings's Bike Uptown exist?
A: John: There are 5 now and there will be 5 more by the end of the year.

Q: 17:58 There are many bike lanes that begin and end but don't take you anywhere. There are abandoned railways that could be used for trails [at 18:45]. People want an easy way to get from point A to point B.
A: 19:30 We're trying to build that network.

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