i met a girl at a party, Simone Ellis, and she told me about this project she had to coincide with the Australian year of the book. Turns out that 37 % of Australians have the bare minimum of reading skills to get by in the modern world. A staggering 16 % can't read a label on a pill bottle to determine the correct dosage of medicine for their children. The idea is to try and get people back into libraries to connect with their children, grow their minds and turn this around. I am big on reading to my son. i love reading him stories. Its a part of every single day we have together. I was really intrigued by her enthusiasm and drive for this project and signed on. Simone trusted me to craft it creatively and structurally. Also importantly we all had alot of fun.


Direction : Pete Circuitt
Planner / Producer : Simone Ellis
Production : Penny Foster / The Sweet Shop
script : Christine Olsen
narration script : Pete Circuitt
Animation : Pete Circuitt
Rigging and animation : Bret Bays
Animation : Kwok
Character design + illustration : Pete Circuitt
Compositing : Pete Circuitt
Sound Record and mix : Byron Scullin at Electric Dreams / Liquid
Dad : William McInnes
Lisa : Freya Brown

Music composed by Mathieu Gendreau and Pieter Van Dessel

Principle Software : Cinema 4D + After Effects

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