Improvised performance by Nous Vous (

Ter Dilft, Bornem, Belgium.

Tech details:

Shot on Canon 550D, 50mm lens, f1.8.
Shutter speed, 1/48, aperture around f2.8, ISO no more than 400, 23.98fps.
Magic Lantern for peaking and ISO values.
Magic Bullet for a light grade, not sure if it's exactly what I want yet (bit muddy and dark) but I was drunk on Belgian beers, and had been taking photos all day, had tested some videos earlier in the day but ended up leaving it on the Standard Picture Style setting, not the Cinestyle I intended to use. I blame the Westmalle Tripel.

Audio from internal mic so by no means perfect but satisfied considering the quality of those mics. Levels brought down in edit, not as loud as I would have expected in the export.

Nested the sequence and added Magic Bullet Looks to that, but it took hours to export so if anyone has any solutions to that. Not had any trouble with export times before using similar equipment and workflow.

See end of video for artist credits and respective websites.

Video 2 to follow soon...

Thanks to all involved, please share and file can be made available for you to download if needed.


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