This project was commissioned to us by Nokia and finished in record time, one crazy month indeed. The projection surface, a theatre building with a round glass facade was just awesome, however quite challenging.
To start with the surrounding area was under construction, hence our calculations for the mapping had to be redone several times due to workers tearing down walls, lifting up closures that either block the projection light or block the position for our projectors, nevertheless all very amusing.
We had to come up with the storyboard during that period aswell, shoot in studio, 3D design and render.
We also had to manage to cover the 1000 square meters of glass with white adhesive so it can be projected on. (We hope to be able to share that with you in our making of reel).
The next challenge was to stack 8 full hd Christies in arrays of 4, tons of fun... especially the blending bit where all 8 projectors met, and account for the rounded surface.
Last but not least, the camera trick. We're now adding to our projects a new dimension in order to maximize impact to the spectators by assessing their viewing angle thus creating a movie to match that angle.
Anyway, all very exciting and rewarding...regardless of all the hard work and unexpected stuff.

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