This is the Video Story clip of Bambang and Marilyne that tells us about their true love story.

When they first time met, Marilyne saw Bambang act so weirdly, and suddenly he ran away.. Because of their curiousness, they followed Bambang. Then they realized that Bambang went to toilet because he was having a stomachache.. Yet, this was a true story of them. What a unique first met isn't it? :D

This video also tells us why 17th day become special for them. It's because 17 is the date when they first met, it was on 17th June 2006. Then they started to get into relationship on 17th August 2006. And every 17th day every month, Bambang always send a love letter for Marilyne. Their other unique story is they always made surprises for each other. One day, Bambang surprised Marilyne at her birthday by giving her a tart of sandwich. If you watch in the middle of this video, Marilyne also made surprise for Bambang, she made him a handmade tart of paper. At the end of this video, they was having a dinner, and suddenly when Marilyne wanted to cut the cake, Marilyne found out that there is something inside it. She tried to get it out, WOW!! Another surprise that Bambang have prepared for Marilyne on the day when we shot this video! What's that? you must figured it out. SURPRISE!!!! :D

If you haven't read their story on their Same Day Edit video clip, you can visit this link watch it and read about their true fact :
Or the 'Secret Video' made by Bambang for Marilyne :

*Thank You MOCCA

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