Mrs. Costello’s ancient history class was in search of another authentic learning experience. Boston’s Museum of Science was the perfect destination to anchor such an adventure. An internationally acclaimed traveling exhibit of artifacts from the ancient city of Pompeii was installed and waiting for the kids of Rockland.

A two day multi-curricular exploration of Pompeii, through the lens of history, mathematics, science and language arts, immersed the kids in all that was the doomed city. Small group pre-research in specific cultural areas was completed. Using shared Google Docs and smart phone technology, cooperative groups of 21st century students were ready to step back in time and interact with the first century of the Common Era.

Pompeii--79 AD: With the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, this cosmopolitan sea-side resort city was halted in its tracks. An avalanche of ash, pumice fragments and superheated steam and other gasses cruelly extinguished and perfectly preserved life in one cataclysmic day.

Boston--2012: Students from Rockland, Massachusetts discover life in Pompeii is not unlike their own.

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