A satirical musical sketch set in the 70's.

Donna and Mateo are about to share a passionate experience and feel the need to express their feelings and insecurities in song, accompanied by Mateo's Sex Guardian Angels, to the music of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Official Selection: 2013 Faux Film Festival
On FunnyorDie funnyordie.com/videos/e58ca725ac/bohemian-rhapsody-a-short-sex-musical

Started out as my last student film on film but, unfortunately after going through the (very expensive and time consuming) production process on 16mm film, our footage ended up looking like crap because there was something wrong with the lens. We reshot on a Canon 5D. This is the final cut. First shot in October 2011, reshot in December 2011. It's really unfortunate that the film version didn't come out the way we wanted, I love the lighting and grainy quality of the film for this piece (vimeo.com/32694686). There were a few things that didn't work out as planned with this version as well. But I'm overall very happy with it!

Behind the scenes photos: flickr.com/photos/61018496@N03/sets/72157627908226331/

I recently showed this video to someone and he said, "So, it's porn?" And I said, "No, it's a comedy sketch, a satire... It's a spoof of old musicals and a throwback to the sexual revolution." To which he replied, "Uhhh ok..."
Haha so obviously not everyone gets it. But hopefully YOU do and you enjoy watching it! Because I had a great time making it and am really proud of it!

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