"Zwart Licht" asked HOAX & Liefhebber to create a music video for their song "Galtar". After months of hard work the video is finally finished.
The deeper themes of the song come to life by combining the basic elements of their album "No Juju" and the the technique of the animated television series "Galtar and the Golden Lance".

JUJU: a word of West African origin used to describe the traditional West African religion. The term Juju refers to the use of objects and images to practice witchcraft.
No Juju is the title of the latest album by Zwart Licht.

GALTAR and the Golden Lance: an animated television series produced in the eighties, the theme song formed the basis of the track "Galtar".

Concept & Design: HOAX & Liefhebber
Production: HOAX & Liefhebber
Photography: Vincent Boon
Edit: Bob Mayata

Special thanks to TAX-videoclip fonds & Top-Notch

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