Arriving at the bedside of his father (Mike Kinsey), the son (Tom Menary) has reason to be hopeful. He believes his father's condition will not continue to dominate his life, and endeavours to explain his spark of inspiration. A visit to the Petriarch, an archway of standing stones in the wilderness, has provided the answers, and possibly the key to his father's well-being.... except prophecy is a difficult thing to make sense of.

"Petriarch" is a short production from Wingless Films, and was co-directed by Jim Elton and Tom Menary. It stars Tom as the son, with Mike Kinsey as his dying father. With cinematography by Jim Elton, "Petriarch" exists thanks to Rick Stear, the Plymouth-based photographer who scouted the incredible location for the film's scenes of mis-read prophecy. Mike Kinsey's guest house, The Oratory, in Princetown, Dartmoor, doubled for the interior locations. The film contains an original music score by Tom Menary, and was shot in March 2012.

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