The Cold Plot is an approx. 29 minute long Russian documentary, narrated in English, that gives a condensed Soviet Era perspective of the birth of the nuclear age and subsequent Cold War escalation and weapons build up.

It was shown as part of the Bunker 42 tour in Moscow, and is a chilling and horrifying portrayal of nuclear weapons testing, political brinkmanship, a slightly skewed Cuban missile crisis account (Cuba is termed "Freedom Island"), and details just how close the world came to a nuclear Armageddon.

It also explains the building and operation of the ex-cold war bunker at Taganska Square in Moscow in the 1950s - Bunker 42. The bunker is now a (bizarre) tourist attraction. For those that can actually find it.

At one point in the tour you are invited to dress up in Nuclear / Biological / Chemical (NBC) suits, or army uniforms, and grab a weapon (conveniently piled into one of the lockers in the control room) and .... well, pretend to be a Russian soldier.

There is also a mock nuclear launch sequence, in which two of the tour members get to launch a missile at the US, and also a simulated nuclear strike above (lots of klaxon alarms and far too much smoke).

The documentary was filmed hand held, and in a darkened auditorium, hence the focus drop outs at points, and slight wobble.

However, it does not seem to be posted online anywhere else, so could be something of a rarity. It certainly is a powerful and evocative statement on the insanity and horror of nuclear weapons, and does leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable after viewing.

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