Editor's note: You can see a transcript of this talk here: gist.github.com/1273387

Narihiro Nakamura is a research worker at Network Applied Communication Laboratory Ltd..

He is a CRuby committer. And he is a Garbage Collection lover. So, he works on GC in CRuby. Lazy Sweep GC is one of his works for CRuby's GC. You can use it since Ruby 1.9.3!

Parallel worlds of CRuby's GC

"CRuby adopts Mark Sweep GC Algorithm now. In my presentation, I talk about Parallel Mark Algorithm for CRuby's GC that improves Mark. Parallel mark divides a mark phase into a plurality of threads and it parallely execute. Recentlly, 8 core computers are not rare. In such an enviroment, GC will be speed up, if it distribute tasks to each core. I'll talk the parallel mark algorithm and implemention, result of benchmark."

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