Variable Retention System (VRS) Binding:

The intelligence behind the system, the world’s first water ski specific binding:

The VRS Binding utilizes a combination of Dual Spring and Quick Cam Technology to create controlled retention and consistent release. Dual Spring technology concentrically coils two differently powered springs inside one another. The outer, less powerful spring is compressed to create retention for lighter weight skiers. As skier weight increases, the inner, more tightly coiled spring begins to compress providing the required retention skiers demand. Quick Cam Technology utilizes a caming mechanism to transform the rotary motion of the heel release unit into a linear compression of the dual springs. It acts like a light switch. The system is 100% engaged while in skiing position. When the skier gets out of position, as in an out the front type fall, the resulting torque force flicks the light switch to the off position providing the skier a clean consistent release from the ski. The Quick Cam Technology can be felt and heard in the powerful “whack” of the cam engaging, providing the comfort of knowing your system is secure and ready for skiing.

The EXO Frame is an extruded aluminum frame linking the toe and heel assemblies of the VRS binding as well as the connection point of the EXO Shells to the system. The EXO Frame utilizes a Free Float Design to reduce the impact the EXO Shells have on longitudinal ski flex. Consider for a moment a slalom ski sitting on a dock. It is in a completely unloaded state. Now consider the shape a slalom ski takes as you cut back and forth behind the boat. The opposing forces of water pressure and skier load bend your ski into a loaded state. Unlike any other plate design on the market, the EXO Frame achieves its neutral condition while your ski is in its loaded position by implementing an over rocker shape in comparison to your ski unloaded rocker line. Under skiing conditions, the system is complete and all components are working together to create pure ski flex.

The VRS Toe Assembly is designed to function much as your favorite pair of rubber boots! For example, you are running late and go for a big onside turn. You can’t manage to pull it out and fall back and to the inside in a routine fall. You would never come out of your favorite pair of Animal boots in this type of fall, and you don’t need to. The EXO System functions the exact same way. By eliminating vertical and horizontal toe release, the EXO System mimics traditional rubber boots and minimizes any chances of prerelease.

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