The long lost Teaser Trailer from the Banned Swedish Exploitation Master Piece "The One They Called Bad Ass!".

Shunned by 99% of the Swedish Population for its extreme depiction of violence, carnage and gore. A film about vengeance so obscure and radical that the Royal Family all fainted when they saw it on Aktuellt!

One aspect of this masterpiece still remains in the hearts of the men and women who managed to see but the briefest glimpses of this macabre tale...and that was the absolute epitome of Ultimate Elakt Rövhål (aka Bad Ass) who went down in Cinema History...The Uncanny Gurra E!


Camera: Canon EOS 7D

Lenses: Various (Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X).

Picture Style: Technicolor CineStyle

Grading by Benjamin Zadig in Magic Bullet Looks


disclaimer: This is mainly a thank you video to one of the guys that helped me out on this project I'm finishing off. It is a joke and shouldn't be taken as anything else. It was also a way for me to go as nuts as I could developing a really crazy exploitation type color trying out Twixtor ones and for all. Hope it makes your day a bit brighter with its silliness. Cheers!

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