Does your organization often not hit its objectives? Does low trust and lack of transparency hinder your performance? Do people often seem to be working on competing priorities?

These are issues at many organizations. Yet, if we recognize them – why are they so hard to fix?

The competitive landscape demands leaders who drive a culture that executes on the best decisions at every level of the organization. Too often this is not the case, which is why 80% of all change efforts fail.

And why do these leaders not succeed? Because they fail to realize this one underlying truth: leading change is more about what is right than who is right.

Great leaders focus their people on the most important things and develop an organization where doing what is right is more important than defining who is right. They do not let politics, personal interest, and lack of accountability shape the direction of their organization. And by doing so, they harness change as a competitive advantage and create breakthroughs in performance.

In Leading Change you will experience a grounded approach helping your organization embrace doing what is right as a way of working. By the end of this webinar you will know how to:

• Identify the root causes hindering progress
• Build common purpose around a compelling vision of success
• Focus your organization on key business drivers
• Engage your people to perform at breakthrough levels
• Align your people to achieve the desired results
• Raise accountability at every organizational level


David Romney is a Senior Advisor and strategic change consultant at Ascent Advisor. For over ten years, he has helped leaders and organizations reach breakthrough results. David has worked with companies such as General Mills, NASA and Rockwell. This passion has also led him to writing on change and culture with Harvard Business School professors and to teach classes at Brigham Young University. David received both his bachelors and MBA at BYU.

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