This is first of 6 videos that will be used as follow-up e-mails sent to those who visited their booth at various exhibits.
This is a 'Branding' video - a distillation of the nature and personality of the company, C-Link, Incorporated. Although their demographic tend to be thought of as a bit boring when you consider what they are selling...the male engineers who buy these products have a sense of fun about them. So the company this video is serving has an owner who leaves you with the overall impression that he's not only 'having a good time', he wants you to 'have a good time on him, as well!

Now, put yourself in my shoes... the video producer: how the hell do you distill this company's personality into the selling of something so static.(?) Well, I guess you really play into EXACTLY what cables do!

Think of much fun can you make from cables & connectors!? So I created a narrative that is somewhat silly... and yet was able to put on display and offer what they are selling. Also important, of course, is to engage the viewer long enough to impress them favorably so that WHEN they do need these products, C-Link is who they connect with.

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