Cards shuffle and are dealt around the lowly lit green felt table. Poker chips are thrown down for the big and small blinds. A Texas Hold'em game is in process.

The final rounds at the final table of a No-Limit tournament. Da Gangster, calling at every hand. The College Student, raising the stakes. The Trucker, throwing it all in. They all have their own motivations to win. Mr. Joe, aka The Dealer lays down the "flop" and narrates the subtleties of this unique poker game.

But who will win?

Aren Farrington as "Mr. Joe"
Allen Barstow as "The Kid"
Enzo Kim as "Da Gangster"
Zachary Uidl as "The Trucker"

Original Musical Score: Adam Jones
Director of Photography: Matthew Pearce

Written, Edited and Directed by: Brandon Freer
Produced by: Brandon Freer

My first official short film.

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