I was in Chicago for St. Patrick's Day this year to go see one of my favorite bands, The Wonder Years, play two sold out shows. The first show was a matinee and during this set only, TWYs planned on playing their entire new album "Suburbia: I've Given You All And Now I'm Nothing" in order from beginning to end. I brought my Canon 7D on the trip and just happen to be in the right spot to film this set. I ran out to my car and grabbed my camera bag and tripod just before the band went on stage and prayed the stock set up I left from a previous project would work for this. Inside the bag I had my Zoom H1 audio recorder, my 7D with 50% battery life, a 32g CF card with 75% free, my in-ear monitors, and lastly, a 100mm f/2.8 L Macro lens. I quickly set up my 7D on a ball head (ugh) mount and had to hope for the best considering I wasn't prepared at all. I got most everything prepared and rolling just before the first note played, but I did have to do some adjusting during the show. Since the 7D only records for 12 minutes at a time, I paused the camera during some of the banter in between, however I left the audio track rolling so during some of the video you will only see a TWY logo while audio plays. During the 3rd song I started working with the tripod to get some panning in, however without a fluid head it's almost impossible to get smooth pans. By the 5th song I had the feel of panning down pretty well.

Canon 7D
100MM f/2.8L USM IS Macro
f/2.8 1/50 ISO 1600
1080p 24fps
Zoom H1 audio recorder
Manfrotto Tripod w/Ball Head
Edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects

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