Today is the day to show you who we are!

For most people there is never enough time. 
However, we are not like most people. 
We don't sleep, we don't eat, we don't stop until the job is done. 

This is us, Tokyo o'Clock:
Always on time, all the time, anytime!

We are six dedicated professionals who work twenty-four hours a day,
around the clock and around the globe to bring you artistic solutions with purpose and meaning,
for whatever need you require, whether it’s audiovisual, motion or graphic design. 

We are based in Barcelona but we're linked with our hometowns of Lisboa and São Paulo.
We are constantly researching, experimenting and developing new creative and technical ways to achieve the best results for our clients.

After 1 year, 365 nights and 8760 hours without sleeping, we finally finished to put our best works together.
Check out our FIRST REEL to discover what we do and who we are!

We'd like to thank all the crews, studios, agencies, clients and friends who made this possible.
Remember: we are Tokyo o’Clock Studio and we are looking for you.
Enjoy and feel free to contact us.

Visit our Web at:
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