New York animation studio Motherland brought me on to create sound effects on about 30 cinematics for the game. Here's one of my favorites. This is my early mix with the sound effects up way loud.

Full Credits
Director: Lance Sells
Animators: Yoshi Sodeoka, Matt Andrews, Cassidy Gearhart
Video Treatment and Lighting: Lance Sells, Paul Daniel
Production Artist: Shamus Beyale
Designers: Matt Andrews, Michael Cina
Illustrators: Robert Atkins, Ryan Benjamin, Matt Broome, Jim Lee, Mark McKenna, Mike Norton, David Ross, Brian Shearer, Craig Yeung
Colorists: Stephen Downer, Michael Komai, Pete Pantazis, Chris Sotomayor, Matthew Wilson
Sound Design and SFX: Michael Madill, Madsound
Client: Sony Online Entertainment

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