Our Platform was presented AADKmigrationen March 16&17 on the frame of NOMADICs at SUPERMARKT- Tristesse deluxe


The experiences and impressions arising from the numerous cicumstancially imposed changes of the gallery space have condensed over the years and evolved into the conceptual nomadic state of Tristesse Deluxe today. This new series of group exhibitions
explores the travelling situation itself as an interface between new places and old networks,focussing on the artistic perception of space, time and motion, playing on the intersections and connections between interior and exterior world, the boundaries between real and virtual space, the entanglement of existing and constructed world. It describes, re-enacts and discusses physical and psychological experiences between the visible and invisible.

The first exhibition of 2012 will take place in the week of 15.03 - 22.03.2012, presenting a program of various artists. It will include talks, music/video shows and discussions as well as a classical exhibition presenting videos, tableau paintings, objects and spacial installation.

Artits AADKmigrationen
16th and 17th of March 19h-00h

Jochen Arbeit (DE), Elisa Aleluia (PT), Anders Bigum (DK), Miquel Casaponsa (BE/ES), Thierry Decottignies (FR), Jan Ferreira (PT/DE), Klaas Großzeit (DE) Adam Green (UK), Abraham Hurtado (ES), Victoria Macarte (UK/ES), Kotomi Nishiwaki (JP), Tomoko Nakasato (JP), Tanja Simic (CRO), Rosa Tharrats (ES), Johannes Tomin (CAN), The Pool (DK), Schneider TM (DE) Vania Rovisco (PT), Gretchen Sigrid Blegen (USA)

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