5D Mark III, Shot at 6400 iso. Sharpening added in FCP 7.

One thing I am compelled to comment on ... there has been a lot of griping on the web about a perceived lack of sharpness in the camera. Now I have only had the camera 3 days, but what I know for sure is that in my limited tests, the image is a touch softer, but for me it is reflective of everything that these cameras have represented ... the film look. Everyone complained about the over-sharpening in the Mark II. And adding it back in post is really no big deal. I have not played with in-camera settings, but I plan to try adding sharpness in cam as well, and see what that looks like.

Most people were taking the sharpening out of the Mark II anyway. I am finding I can shoot with a standard profile, and then adjust things just a touch in post and get a truly remarkable image. Of course, low light and audio were my main asks for this camera, so anything else is a bonus unless it takes something away.

Many are also complaining about the price ... I like the price. If you are a pro earning a living, then a $3,500 camera is nothing. If you are a serious hobbyist, then there are tons of options for less. And if you pre-ordered the Mark III and are not happy, then return the camera.

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