We are ahead of time. When we released men in kilts on a catwalk, we didn't even think that only two years later the same would Gaultier and Westwood do. Then dressing our models in gowns for the ”Hedone” collection, we didn't even suspect, that years would pass and this theme would conquer the World Fashion Runways. Today our goal is not to guess or surpass. We intentionally gave up ”resourcefulness”, for the sake of simple, somewhat careless, elegant and cozy beauty.

Musicians say, that only a true connoisseur of modern music will periodically return to Mozart and Handel. Every time discovering new shades and intonations in it. So we wanted to return to beautiful images, which were created by designer of genius Valentino Garavani too. His creative work became inspiration for us. But don't expect quotations! Don't expect that we simply follow his style.

We just retell with our own words the joy, that you feel when you see his works. We recreate the silhouettes, which occur in the consciousness at the only one mention of his name.

Besides, this collection devoted to one more person. And by magic force of circumstances her name is Valentina. Most of the models were created after having conversations with her, and she became the prototype of a woman, for whom this collection was created. Playing with these two names we did not precisely defined a name of the collection. We can say «o» in the end of the word, but we can say «a» too. Who as likes.

Аранжировка, сведение, мастеринг — Центр Записи Звука «Stereonity» Сергей Headache Остапенко
Фортепиано — Ефим Чупахин «Акустик Квартет»
Саксофон — Евгений «ICEMAN» Кузьмов

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