The True Story of a Life After Death Experience... From the Eyes of a Child.

On what was otherwise an ordinary spring day, nine year old Ray Kinman had a very extraordinary near death experience...

As a result of a martial arts demonstration (Judo Throw) which went terribly wrong, Ray suffered a massive blow to the head - which catapulted him into convulsions.

"My tongue buckled back into my airway, I couldn't breathe and I suffocated".

The NDE which followed was a stark combination of "Spiritual Bliss followed by many, many years of guilt".

A devoted Catholic at the time, Ray was coached by his parish priest, "Since you cannot say that Jesus was there, it was probably a trick of Satan".... which caused Ray to develop a rather extreme inability to process, reconcile and integrate his near-death.

Check out the uplifting story of how Ray.... 45 years later, finally became liberated by making peace with, and eventually finding great fulfillment by helping others who are stricken with grief and doubt about death and dying as well as other other perplexing life issues .

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