Seres, comes from the inspiration brought by that which surprises us. On the designers' last visit to Paris, they discovered the work of a taxidermist who had created a series of non-existent beings, taken from the mixture of different animals. They found the striking results of his work, seemed both beautiful and disturbing. What if the dream of being able to create fantastic creatures with unreal and unique personalities, came to life?


Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull use their collections to tell stories. They believe clothes are not just something to wear but a way of expressing what they feel. Based on their personal experiences theyve created an imaginary world where each season they draw a new character from an existing story or one invented especially by them. They admire the tenderness found in the work of Joe Sorren, the mix of innocence and perversion that characterises Mark Rydens blood series, and the boundless imagination of the characters created by Tim Burton.

Their latest collections have attracted attention thanks to the strength of their inspiration. The titles like Berenice, Diary of a Madman, The Mutant Girlfriend and Forgotten Heroines give us little grounds to hope for a happy ending. What we have instead is blood and broken hearts, sketched-out romance with dark touches as a marker of identity.

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