Karen Wade and Kelli Evans of Durham, NC have been together for 17 years and always wanted a family. They waited until they were financially secure, with steady jobs and a comfortable home before they tried to have children. After trying to get pregnant for almost a decade via intrauterine insemination and other methods, they were blessed with triplets in 2008. Emma, Evan and Grady are their life, their joy and a rambunctious handful.

On May 8, 2012 an amendment to the North Carolina constitution was passed that defines marriage between one man and one woman as the only recognized legal union in the state. Kelli and Karen fear that the ramifications of Amendment One could harm their family, since only Karen has legal custody of the triplets as their birthmother.

"Right after the triplets were born, I received a letter from Durham County about how I was single mother, and I was very upset. I am not a single mother," says Karen in anger.

"I shared in her pregnancy, it was like I was pregnant too," says Kelli.

If something happens to Karen, what happens to the children?

Music: Alone With A Memory of You - stan tristan

Second camera interview angle by Stephen Garrett (Thank you)

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