My friend and I found this beautiful, 3-4 foot long Northern Pacific Rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus oreganus) sleeping under a tire around Tracy, CA. S/he was clearly unhappy at being disturbed, and showed it, but after a few minutes of our shooting video/photos, my friend (who has experience wrangling snakes) was able to put it back using a stick. Very thankful for being able to see such a fantastic animal!

It is not an aggressive creature unless disturbed or frightened, and I would be sad if this video made it come off as a creature to hurt. It was just angry at the two nerdy herpers who disturbed its slumber. And no, it didn't shake its rattle except for a moment when we first woke it up.

Much of the footage was out of focus or jumpy due to my being more concerned about keeping the snake at a safe distance than focusing/framing a shot, so I cut out all the garbage and here's what's left. I used Adobe's auto-correction for color and contrast, and they weirdly made the footage darker and richer especially when out of focus or jumpy. Will try to do better corrections and upload that in the future.

Here's a great photo of this snake:

Canon 60D
Canon 18-135 Lens (standard kit lens)

Shot and edited by Tony Iwane
Premiere 5.5 CS5

Music: "Lotus Flower" by Radiohead

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