Last year ABC Open North Coast posted a mystery photo
as part of our Open project Now and Then, where you take an old photo back to where it was originally taken and take a new photograph .... holding the old photo in the same spot today. You can see lots of examples at ABC Open’s website.

Our mystery photo was of a very early bus in Lismore probably taken sometime between 1910 and 1920. The Richmond river Historical Society were keen to find out if any of our listeners knew about either the bus or the people in it. One of our regulars, Spencer Morrison, rang us. His family are linked to what might be the very first bus service on the North Coast.

ABC Open Catherine Marciniak recorded the Morrison's story over tea and scones. It is a wonderful slice of auto history from the North Coast.

The Morrisons have dedicated this story to Stuart Morrison who passed away earlier this year. Our condolences to the family and our thanks for sharing their story with us.

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