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I know what you want to be. You want to become a CSS master, and after you buy my 'I Can Make You A CSS Zen Master' DVD, that's exactly what you'll become.

I've learned from ten years of working on the web, designing hundreds of sites, that the power to become a CSS master comes not by overcoming your problems with positioning or selectors, it comes from deep inside you. It comes from inside your mind.

When you take control of your thoughts, when you banish negativity from your mind and think only of the great things that you can accomplish when you master CSS, you'll banish stress, become happier, more fulfilled. You'll become the CSS master that you always dreamed you'd be.

My 'I Can Make You A CSS Zen Master' DVD will teach you simple techniques to put away those negative feelings forever. Let me show you how – right now…

I want you to close your eyes. Picture your problems with CSS in your mind's eye?

Do you worry about Internet Explorer? When you close your eyes, do you see Internet Explorer as an ancient, evil monster that rampages across your CSS? Does the monster destroy everything that you have worked so hard to create? Your mind has the power to change that. Your mind has the power to shrink that browser down to size.

Imagine that Internet Explorer is small enough to hold in your hands. Now take that browser and put it in a box. Close the lid tight and tape it shut. Imagine how good you'll feel … aaaah… Now imagine covering that box with six feet of concrete and an elephant sitting on top of it. Imagine how good you'll feel… aaaah…

Do you have a client who complains when their site doesn't look exactly the same in IE as it does in other browsers? Would you like it if they went away? Your mind has the power to make that happen.

Imagine that same client dressed like a little girl. Now picture yourself picking up a bucket of worms and emptying it over his head. Feels good, doesn't it? In your mind, hear him scream and watch him running to his Mummy… mmmmm…

With techniques like these, I've helped literally thousands of web designers to conquer their CSS demons.

My 'I Can Make You A CSS Zen Master' DVD will teach you the techniques that will give you the power to become a CSS master in only seven days. And for a limited time, when you order 'I Can Make You A CSS Zen Master', you've receive my book, 'Overcoming Internet Explorer Anxiety', absolutely free.

Order today, start tomorrow and you soon be the CSS master you always dreamed you'd be.

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