GeoBus is an idea that would make our life much easier. The main purpose of the project is to provide something reliable and easy to access that would tell you where the transportation mean you're waiting for is located at anytime only by following the mean's account on Twitter. This idea can be implemented in universities buses, public transportation, companies private transportation means, or even your own ride. Students can simply know where the bus is at any moment and they will know when they can catch it and they won't even have to bother to stay in the street waiting for the bus that is late for half an hour due to traffic congestion.

This idea was submitted as an entry in a contest called "Make it Tweet!" which aims at having ideas to turn anything into a socializing object and make it "alive" somehow.
The idea is still under development and this is just the prototype.

We're Junior Computer Science students in Ahram Canadian University, Egypt.

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