VMI In house test on external recorders, using a sony F3 camera with a single to dual stream and eventually the 3G HDSDI uncompressed signal onto various external recorders starting with the low internal recording settings for evaluation purposes.
Recorders used is the convergent design nanoflash, AJA Ki pro mini, cinedeck extreme and the new convergent design Gemini 444 recorder.

The whole sequence was edited on the new Adobe premiere 5.5 with no grading and no transcoding was needed whilst working on a 2k uncompressed 10 bit timeline.
The s-log clips was graded in After Effects.

None of camera settings was touched apart for the external recorders and the feed to them.

This Sequence was Compiled by:
Ian Jackson - Associate BSC, Feature and Drama contact liason
Gerard Botha - Head of cameras.

For more information go to vmi.tv

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