On my second day at Big River 2, I was presented with one of the most enigmatic human conditions: M had a manic-depressive crisis. The experience was intense and affected me and everyone else around. M left the workshop for a psychiatric hospital and from that moment I had the strange feeling that I was him.

At the time, I was working with an idea of finding balance within myself. I stared at the sea for hours. I saw the line of the horizon swinging like a spirit level, which never reached total equilibrium. The line was the edge between life and death.

I visited M at the hospital and asked for his permission to use his voice that I had recorded during his crisis. We sat on a bench and talked a little. He was very lucid. We looked at the void. I wanted to go back and swim into the open sea to reach the line of the horizon. I swam for almost an hour.

It was only when I got back to the beach and seeing the preoccupation I had caused my colleagues -some thought I had drowned- that I realised the meaning of this action: I wanted to live but at the same time die, I was standing on my own line.

With the sea, unwanted energies went and I became myself again. By then, M was recovering somewhere far away and it was time for us to evoke him.

Eventually, M's voice and the video of the swinging line became one piece: Spirit Level. I presented it as a video/sound installation during the Open Day of the workshops.

Finally, I decided that 'Spirit Level' should be left alone and I had to think of a new idea, which was to become art when installed at CCA. A piece of Formica resembling wood found somewhere in the forest of Grand Riviera where I wrote the words 'CONTENTPORARY ART' did it.

I thank life for letting M exist next to me during that time and Natalia for her understanding."

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