Winner - Audience Award < Up Your Network > Brand Content Category - Havas

Short fashion film - 4'

Client : Chantelle
Written, directed and produced by Martin GEISLER
DoP : Virginie PICHOT
Production : KARUS
Agency : Graines d'Etoiles - Agnès LANCELLE

Cast : Martial JACQUES, Petra SILANDER, Adela CAPOVA, Fine BAUER

2012 (c) Chantelle, Karus Productions, Graines d'Etoiles

Created for the Chantelle 2012 Fall/Winter underwear collection.

ALIVE is a quest of inspiration. That of a sculptor who gives life to the photographs that serve as his models. The film interrogates the power of images, how a still image can feed fantasy and animated fantasy can then bring life. How a seed of thought is destined to form.

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