Originally for the Newgrounds Halloween Contest 2006 and 3rd Place Winner. (watch here for swf vector quality: newgrounds.com/portal/view/345197)

I received lots of positive and also negative feedback for this and I feel this is still my heaviest work.

Original Comment from 2006:
"After days and nights and hours of exploding nerves, sweatdrops causing bloodred eyes and blah blah.. I present you..:
-LysergicAcidDiethylamide -
Our protagonist happens to be on the highest point of his LSD trip and took some DMT right there (For the people that complained LSD alone could't make you horror that hard.. who the fuck cares about the substance anyway, it's more of a psychological horror trip than anything else), so follow his trip as it goes in a strange direction the moment he gets up to make himself some toast.

Incase you think you don´t understand this movie, you´re wrong.

Turn off the lights, pull the speakers and bass a bit up or put your headphones on, relax and let it flow into you for the next 2 minutes.

I´d actually recommend, if you´re interested in it and like it, to watch it twice, and maybe to read more about it at the ending menu.

Alot of love, hate, lifetime, passion, health, cum and work went into this and I consider this my best work EVARRRR
Thank you for watching.

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